queer feminist festival in Potsdam

Queerfeldein is a queerfeminist festival weekend from 23.9. till 26.9.2021.

The 4 days are filled with workshops, lectures, room for exchange, music and diffrent open offers.
More information: program.

The festival will make queer and feminist topics and people visible and enable and promote a network of people from different backgrounds. That is why it is important to us to make our offers diverse and to minimize barriers.
More information: info/FAQ

The festival is spread over 8 venues. Our festival base is the Rechenzentrum. There you’ll find food, information and the awareness team.
Most of the venues are in the city center of Potsdam and are only a few minutes’ walk from each other.
On Saturday there will also be some events at freiLands, which is a little further away.
More information: venues

About us

We are a group of 14 people who first met in summer 2020 to organize a queerfeminist DIY (do it yourself) festival. Our motivations for doing so were quite different. Important for all of us is not only the fourday festival but also about the process of getting there and the things happening afterwards. In the process of planning the festival we’re dealing with different topics, create a learning space, make queer life in Potsdam visible and try to establish assessable structures at event locations.
We are a FLINTA* -only group. Some of us are also active in other (queer)feminist projects. Even though we are a rather homogenous organizing group we want the “Queerfeldein” to be a feel-good place for different people, characterized by respect and awareness.
Other than the organizing team we need a lot more people to make the festival possible. If you want to support us we would really appreciate if you could bring in your capacities in form of time, a contribution to the buffet or anything else. Just hit us up by sending an e-mail and we talk about what’s possible!

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