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The festival has no camping. If you need a place to stay, please let us know when you register. Depending on the pandemic situation we will try to organise sleeping places for you.

Arrival & departure

The Queerfeldein Festival will take place in the centre of Potsdam. Under Program you will find all events and venues. A map with all venues can be found in the Venues section.

All venues can be reached on foot or by tram and bus from Potsdam main station (S7, RE1, RB20/21/22/23). For Potsdam you need a Potsdam A or Berlin C ticket.

From the stop Dortustraße you can get to the following places: Rechenzentrum, Olga, Sputnik, KuZe, Regenbogenkombinat, fem_Archiv.

You can reach Bassinplatz via the stops Platz der Einheit or Brandenburger Straße.

You can walk from Potsdam Central Station to freiLand or take bus 690 to Schlaatzstraße.


Are you feeling unsafe, are discriminated against or do you feel hurt in your boundaries at any Queerfeldein event? If you would like our support or if you see that someone is not feeling well or that assaultive situations have occurred, our awareness team will support you during the day at the Rechenzentrum. Or you can contact the Queerfeldein-team member who is present at your event.

If you don’t feel like making the way to Rechenzentrum on your own and want to be picked up, let us know. You can also call before you arrive and let us know you are on your way if that’s making you feel safer.

You can reach the awareness team at this number:  
0163 4459073

At the Rechenzentrum the awareness team will be clearly recognisable by its pink caps.

If possible, an awareness team will be present at the party in Spartacus where you can talk to them on the spot.

If something should have happened to you at our festival in general, or if you have wishes for the next time or simply have criticism, please contact the organising team. We will try to solve the conflict together with you.


We are currently in the process of checking all venues and spaces for barriers and creating a comprehensive overview.

You can find an overview under venues.


There will be childcare at the festival.

More information will follow.

Corona regulations

We sincerely hope that our festival can take place in presence and in compliance with the hygiene concept. All participants of the festival have to be tested daily – no matter if they are vaccinated or recovered. We will have a testing station available at freiLand.

Medical masks must be worn indoors and where it is not possible to comply with the distance regulations.

Costs / festival ticket

Participation in the festival is free of charge, which is why there are no tickets – you just have to register so that we know how many of you are coming!

Food (KüfA) and drinks are on a donation basis.

Other possible costs are your travel and public transport tickets if you take the bus or tram.


FLINTA* is a (German) abbreviation to express who is welcome in certain spaces or to certain events. It stands for women, lesbians, inter* people, non-binary people, trans* people and agender people.

If you do not find yourself in the term FLINTA*, please check the programme beforehand to see who individual events are open to.

Food / Catering

There will be a vegan KüfA (Kitchen for All) at our Info Point (Rechenzentrum) on a donation basis.

Drinks will also be available at all festival venues. We are happy if you support the projects!

Helping out during the festival

We have been planning and organising for a few months now, but for the realisation of the festival we still need a lot of support for different areas, such as application, set-up, dismantling, catering, event support, cleaning, photo/audio documentation, helpers for the evening programme, offering a bed or sleeping place for people from outside, etc. If you are interested and have time, please contact us.

If you are willing and have time to support the Queerfeldein (for one day, one shift, one event or the whole weekend), please write us an email to with the following information:

  • On which days could you help?
  • What would you like to/can you support with?
  • What is your Covid19 vaccination status at the time of the festival?
  • Unter which number can we reach you on short notice?

A thousand thanks in advance for your commitment. Without this, Queerfeldein would not be possible.

Info-Point: Rechenzentrum

The Rechenzentrum (RZ) in Dortustr. 46 Potsdam will be our base during the festival. There you will find the Info-Point, the Awareness-Team, food & drinks and the possibility to rest and chat with nice people.


In order for us to be able to plan better and to guarantee you spots at the events, it would be really great if you could register by 19.09. through the registration form.

If you need translations, please register by 01.09. We cannot guarantee translations, but we will try our best to find interpreters. This also applies to translation into German Sign Language (DGS).


If you need a translation, please register before 01.09. We cannot guarantee translations, but will try our best to find interpreters. This also applies to translation into German Sign Language (DGS).

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