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When registering, please also indicate which workshops and lectures you would like to take part in.

The Rechenzentrum is the central meeting point. Here you can find food, information, awareness and support.


In addition to the fixed program parts, there will also be open spaces for exchange and joint creative activities, including:


  • 12 am – 8 pm // fem_Archiv
    reading books and eating cakes
    from 4 pm feminist podcasts
  • from 2:30 pm // making Zines at the Rechenzentrum
  • 3 – 7 pm // Graffiti at the freiLand (FLINTA* only)
  • from 11 am // Painting and screen printing at the Rechenzentrum

 You don’t have to register to take part in this open activitys.

Thursday, 23 - 09 - 2021

:: Rechenzentrum :: all gender open

opening lecture

We are a queer-feminist collectively organized group with the aim of educational work. We offer a platform to feminist networking in the Brandenburgian area. We want to take part in pointing out and overcoming patriarchal, capitalist, fascist, rascist and other power structures. Therefore we fight with actions and critical interventions. On our way we’re asking, listening and want to encourage a discourse. We want to share information, exchange and spread them together with you. We work with discussion groups, educational events and collaborative actions. We want to campaign for a society free of every form of discrimination based on power structures and want to shape this actively. 

Friday, 24 - 09 -2021

:: Rechenzentrum :: all gender open

Feminism fights against patriarchal suppression and claims to keep in mind any other forms of discrimination. Anarchism fights against all forms of authority. Sounds like these two have sought – and found each other. What are the aims of anarchist feminist struggles? Which principles are guiding us? What are our strategies and tactics to achieve what we want and need? Where do the differences and conflicts between liberal feminisms and libertarian feminisms lie? We take a look at anarchist feminist basics and details, and collect possible forms of organization and ideas for an anarchist feminist practice. Feminist class struggle now!

:: Sputnik :: all gender open

Workshop, Katharina Pühl

In this workshop we will talk about the necessity of critical queerfeminist analyses of contemporary social negotiations of gender relations. The area of conflict between queerfeminist-marxist and more liberal feminist positions calls for pointed analytical approaches that come from a critical analysis of classism and gender relations. Following this, we will discuss present challenges, creativity and social networks of a respective queerfeminist, political and social practice as well. After the input on these issues there will be time for participants to exchange views with each other and together on (unsolved) questions, new perspectives and the needed practical changes of the present challenges of everyday experience and practice in today’s capitalism.

:: KuZe :: all gender open

Workshop, Sahra Rausch

In recent times a lot of working class and poorer class kids shared their experiences with “climbing the educational ladder” publicly. They talked about their feelings of shame to be in the wrong place and wanted to express their speechlessness. Already in the 1970s the author Rita Mae Brown said that “class is more than Marx’ definition of relation of production”. The depreciation, exclusion and marginalization based on the social background is meant by the term “classism”. But it has to be thought in conecction with other catergories of social injustice. Because poverty and educational injustice hits non-white women* in the hardest way.  Simultaneously feminist thinking means to face class differences and classism between women*. bell hooks describes the impact of multiple discrimination in her book “Class Matters” and writes about political contrasts and conflicting interests of privileged white women* and Black women* in the working and poverty class. In this workshop I want to discuss the conecction between feminism and classism with you. The basis of discussion are short inputs to the used terms and concepts and the feminist engagement in the 1970s. Based on this we will ask for the meaning of the category classism in political actions. My wish is to have room for the exchange of personal experiences to underline the colloboration of social heritage and sexist discrimination instead of catergories of social injustice. I’m excited to welcome women* from the working and poverty class who are interested in this workshop. I am a white academic with a working class background.

:: Regenbogenkombinat :: FLINTA* only 


In this workshop we want to speak words in the silence that surround sex. We want to present strategies to communicate in an effective and easy-going way with persons you’re intimate with or would like to be intimate. Get to know your forces and learn tools to find the words in situations in which you feel shy. 
With a lot of practical excercises, group diskussions and room for personal reflexion we’ll have a sweeping blow, name our wishes, set our boundaries, learn to listen and practice enthusiastic consens together. 🙂
Apply for this workshop and find the selfesteem to speak about sexuality and consent in an open way!

:: Bassinplatz :: FLINTA* only

We are a network of action coaches close to social movements. In advance of the G8 summit in Heiligendamm (Germany) we carried out dozens of trainings for blockades and workshops in preparations for activists’ actions. In the last few years, we were able to address new people with our workshops and trainings. We offered different action trainings prior to educational strikes, Castor transports, climate summits, and actions against fascist rallies. We offer trainings for beginners and experts, individuals and already existing groups of activists looking for collective preparations. As part of the Queerfeldein festival our action training is only accessible for FLINTA*. We ask you to respect this policy.
The workshop takes place outside.

:: Stream im Rechenzentrum :: all gender open

Lecture, Debora Antman

We take a Jewish glance at feminist, queer and gender theories and practice. A provocative, humorous, critical, but, most importantly, Jewish look at our feminist everyday life and the hidden Christian narratives that surround us, at the history of Jewish-feminist movements in the BRD, and challenges for Jewish people in the present day.

:: KuZe :: BIPoC FLINTA* only

Workshop, Women in Exile

It is important to address racism, sexism and homophobia in connection with refugee movement. On the outside we try to have a united fight, but from inside there are a lot of divisions depending on privileges. Some of us practice racism, sexism and homophobia without even being aware of it. This comes sometimes from the refugee and sometimes from the supporters. 
It is important to know ones limitation in terms of support. Supporters sometimes spend a lot of energy trying to support individuals but forget that this cannot be forever and forget it is more important to empower these individuals: “do not give me fish but show me how to fish”.We refuse a concept of the supporter-supported relationship as one part only giving and the other only taking. Instead, we want to work on our own concept of working together in solidarity.


:: Rechenzentrum ::all gender open

:: open doors 19:00, begin 20:00

:: public event; without online registration

::takes place outside

Saturday, 25 - 09 - 2021

:: Regenbogenkombinat :: all gender open

Workshop, FaulenzA

After publishing her music video “Babelsberg Fußballfans”, FaulenzA had to face a shit storm of Nazis and discriminatory fans from all over Germany. Even from Babelsberg. Anti-trans and sexist assaults, threats of murder and violence. And so, so many people who thought it was important to tell her she cannot rap and has no clue of soccer anyway. Most of that were stupid messages of hate, lacking any substantial critique regarding the content. The Babelsberg sports club and its fan scene hardly backed her up and did not show much solidarity. What was going on there? How queer-friendly is Babelsberg? And what is transmisogyny?

:: Rechenzentrum :: FLINTA* only

Theatre Workshop, Rana (she / her)

Female* socialization or having to meet society’s expectations of femininity is like an unruly beast full of bad tricks and lots of resources. There is a lot of theoretical knowledge about all of this: we talk about it, laugh, cry and get upset about it – some things we even change. In this workshop we want to deal with all of this in an aesthetic way by using the feminist method called ‘theater of the suppressed’: the ambivalence of a socialization between emancipation and marginalization, desires for political and individual change and wounds that stay. Max. number of participants: 12. Speaker of this workshop is Rena (educational speaker, working for girls’* issues, professional instructor for pedagogues in topics of gender and sexual diversity.

:: freiLand :: FLINTA* only


You’re car is broken and you don’t want to have an explaination from the guy of the ADAC-shop? Come over and learn the basics of car reperations! How to pay attention to the vehicel that I drive? How can I avoid breakdowns? In the end the workshop will become practical! Let’s get dirty hands together! Bring a flashlight or a head torch!

The workshop takes place outside.

:: Sputnik :: FLINTA* only

Workshop, Out of Action Berlin

Activists resisting capitalist normality often suffer from state repression. We often expose ourselves to situations where we or people close to us experience physical or psychological violence. In this workshop we want to lecture about emotional consequences of these burdensome experiences and talk about our perceptions of police violence. We will focus on possible strategies dealing with those situations and their consequences, individually and in activist groups. This workshop will be split apart including a longer break. We want to get to know each other with enough time to make pleasant and appreciative communication possible. Based on this, we want to talk about practical coping strategies and try them out. Afterwards (maybe Sunday?) we will be on site if you want to chat with us. We ask you to register before.

:: Regenbogenkombinat :: FLINTA* only


How can sharing of care work including mental load in a family succeed in a fair way? The workshop offers an introduction to the social relevance of the question of the distribution of care work and imparts practical impulses how negotiation processes in a family context can be started.

:: Rechenzentrum
:: all gender open

workshop by Transformative Justice Kollektiv Berlin
How can our families, friends, groups and communities deal with sexualized violence without recoursing to governmental institutions?
How can we create structures which are protective for affected persons and a place for empowerment?
The conception Transformative Justice and Community Accountability were developed by marginalized black and queer communities in the US who had experiences with governmental and institutional violence. Therefore thy try to give answers to questions like that. 
This workshop will not only deal with a presentation of the concepts and other basic principles but also with practical experiences, potantional fields and self criticism.


:: freiLand :: FLINTA* + gender questioning only

Workshop, Eno Liedtke (he / him)

This workshop is meant to open spaces to explore and reflect gender comprehension especially self-conception of gender. Approaching contradictions we venture on collective deconstruction of gender binary. We are searching for imprints and stories embedded in our bodies and realize routines. We are heading towards limits of gender binary and exceed them. We will reflect and experiment our views and movements in exercises and exchange. Therefore I will offer you various exercises, which root in different contexts: from forum theatre to drag practice.  There will be room for exchange, breaks and safe space as well.
As we’ll be experimenting with drag, you’re invited to bring materials from home (make-up, clothing, wigs, etc.). 
This workshop is open for: women, lesbians, inter*, trans*, non-binary and agender persons.
Eno Liedtke (er/ihm, ey/emm).

:: Freiland :: FLINTA* only

Workshop, Marlen and Tilli

Have you always wanted to saw firewood? Then we will happily welcome you to our workshop, where you can learn the basics of using a chainsaw. How does it even work? How do I saw my firewood safely and effectively? How do I clean my chainsaw after using it? If anyone is interested we could also cover the basics of chopping wood. After a short theoretical instruction you will have the opportunity to try out what you just learned and gain safety in the craft. Please bring solid footwear (preferably with steel caps) if it is possible, you can also bring: soundproof headphones, chainsaw protection pants and working gloves. We are looking forward to meeting you. This workshop is directed at beginners to gain new experiences.
Best wishes 
Marlen and Tilli
The workshop takes place outside.

:: freiLand :: FLINTA* only     


In this workshop you will learn essentials of self-defence to defend yourself in dangerous and uncomfortable situations with words, but also with your body. Together we will practice stroke and kick techniques, concentration, fitness and reaction capacity. Also we will be using our voices and body language. We are not focusing on being perfectly able to master all the techniques but to know your own power and strength and it’s application. Together we want to tackle the fear of typical confronting situations get to know our own boundaries better. 
This basic workshop is open for everyone whatever age and ability.
The workshop takes place outside.

:: freiLand ::FLINTA* only

:: open doors 19:00, begin 20:00

:: public event; without online registration

Passionless Pointless (Grunge, Punkrock, Sludge / Berlin)

Eat My Fear

Fast hardcore, aggressive, political and full of love! Berlin


:: headphones from 22:00

DJ Parker

Queerfeldein Sounds

DJ Irinski

DJane Irinski (Mainz) creates  nomadic sounds and turns every party into a celebrating caravan. She comines different styles like Balkan Beats, Arab Grooves and Taiga Tunes. From Paris to Persepolis, from Berlin to Baikal. Irinski is looking for critical, queer and feministic beats and will play drrrifting and rrrebelious tunes for us. Therefore there’s more variety in our hearing habits and overcoming musically borders. Made with luv – for open ears and open hearts!


melodic house & techno


Since 2013 Galaxaura is Resident DJ in Spartacus Potsdam, founder of the label Galaxunity and organiser of regularly parties. Her sets speak an intergalactic language, somewhere between Breakbeat Electro, Acid, tripped-down Techno, low-fi- and Cosmic House. With her DJ* Empowerment Workshops she’s supporting upcoming talents.

Candy Grrrls

Candy Grrls – create something like Hot Jamz and Disco. As far as possible not as somber like the outside.  From  „Hard Knock Life“ to „Just An Illusion“. From „Sweet Like Chocolate“ to „I’m So Exited“. Word-perfect they perform the close dance! Just #candy!

The party and concerts take place outside.

Sunday, 26 - 09 - 2021

:: Rechenzentrum
:: all gender open

After a long night and with lots of new impressions from the last past days we would like to come together once more.

Eating together, chatting again with that nice person from the workshop, relaxing and recovering from two filled days, looking back and dreaming forward. There will be the change to connect for more feminist actions in the future.

Please bring something to eat, we want to have a potluck! 

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